Bayliss, Thomas safety bicycle c. 1892

This marvellous Bayliss, Thomas safety still has its original lining! It is a very characteristic model, look at the shape of the chain stays. It seems to be very original, including the saddle. Look at the pedals, with the makers name on the original rubbers.
Only the handlebars look a bit strange to me, but owner thinks it's original and it may well be: customers often had the choice between different models.

It has broad solid tires, originally cushion tires must have been fitted. Serial number is engraved upside-down on the rear dropout, it has 5 digits but I can't see if the first digit is a 1, 4 or 7 ...

Very nice and rare bicycle. Thanks Maarten Waarle for the pictures.
Look at the page of another, very familiar Bayliss, Thomas safety

   On the left: advertisement  from 'Cycling', Christmas 1892.